Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gardening 101 update

Here is another update on our garden! The heat is killing us!!! This has been a huge learning experience and shad and I are already planning for what we will do next year. Even though our garden has not been very "fruitful" we have all greatly enjoyed it!

The sweet potato vine is still doing really well. It is even sieving kisses who has decided this is the coolest place in the yard to lay down!

The basil is growing like crazy!!! I know I am not suppose to let it get this big but no matter how much I trim I just can't keep up!

The once small and sad cantaloupe vine has now taken over this entire bed. No fruit but lots of vine and flowers. It probably won't make it much longer these hot days are really doing a number on it!!

The strawberry and blueberry bushes are doing ok!!! I read that if I pick all the blooms off this year then next years harvest will be better. Boy has that been hard!!!

The corn did give us 2 cobs. However, we were greedy wanting them to grow bigger and didn't pick them spine enough so they were all dried up. Funny pictures of that to follow later!

The hibiscus tree is beautiful!!!

The watermelons have finally given us 2 tiny babies. After I thought I would have to get truck and have a road side stand.

So here we are just babying the heck out of these 2 tiny watermelons praying they survive. The vines are looking pretty bad from sun damage and 2 different Unidentifiable pests!!

All 7 mandavillas are doing well!

And my caladiums look great. The only survivors in the front porch pots were the sweet potato vines.

I encourage anyone to give this a try. I thought I had a black thumb but it turns out we are doing pretty good!!!

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