Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Cookouts!

Were you wondering how we spend our weekends in the summer...well wonder no more.  This is what we do...swim/cookout/dance/swim/cookout/dance....etc.  

Oh look so cute before your REALLY bad hair cut!!! 
This puppy loves to swim.  

My boys hanging out.  They make my heart smile!

Riley is becoming quite the swimmer.  

Sweet girls

These boys CRACK me up!

Such a wonderful Cook....that new smoker is the BOMB!!!!

Ok so we picked our corn and were told to cook it in the smelled and looked so yummy.  

The boys were super excited to be our first taste testers.  

Ok so it was BAD!!!  Not a little bad, but REALLY REALLY BAD!!!

Even Frank the Tank couldn't eat it.  
I am an epic failure at gardening...but we will try again!

After dinner it was time to get our groove on.  
The big girls started by dressing up Riley.

Then a pillow fight broke was DANGEROUS!!!

And then the Pillow Fight some how turned into a DANCE PARTY!!!
Oh wait...I know how.  Jackson is a DANCE MACHINE!

Get your goove on!!!  Jackson brings out the Boogie in EVERYONE!!!!

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