Sunday, July 22, 2012

Waco Olympic Tri

Shad has started training with a new coach from Playtri.  I blogged about it a while ago.  Part of his training is doing small tri's.  It is more fun for Shad to find these races than to just do it on his own at home.  
He found a great Olympic in Waco that he knew I would want to go to so I could see our family.

Here we are eating dinner the first night.  
David, Little Tom, Hunter, Belle, Me, Joy, JoJo, Gracie, Haley Carnes, Lolly, Aunt Patsy, Emma, Karen, Ashley, Big Tom, Shad, and Henry-Drew took the picture for us!

Me and my Uncle Big Tom (aka: TaTa)
and me and my Aunt Patsy

Karen with Bell and Gracie.
It was so nice a Karen to drive over to come to the race with us and see us while we were in Waco.

Emma and Haley have been 2 peas in a pod since their daddy's started training together.  We sure did miss Teri and Savin.  

Drew/David/and Laurie
Jo Jo and her big brother.  

Henry was excited to get to run in with daddy.  He doesn't get to do this very often most races have baricades now.  Henry got new tennis shoes before we left for Waco.  As they crossed the finish line Henry said "Daddy, I knew these shoes were fast enough for me to run with you"
Here is the end of the race.  Proud kiddo's...Daddy did great...the water was hot and the run we super slippery and rainy but he pushed threw.  
Here are our champs!!!

I am one proud mama!!!  

Below are some race pics....I'm not sure why they loaded at the end instead of the beginning but I still wanted to show them.  

Transition Area!

Beginning the run

Here comes Drew...he is FAST!!!

I got a great pic of shad on his bike...wish I was just a little quicker on the click.  

This is transition from swim to bike...again..all out of order.  

Swim Baby!!!!

Yay!!!! DADDY!!!!  Henry was so excited to see him.

This is the swim start.  The bridges let us see just how long this swim really was.  WOW!!!!

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