Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Sleepover!!!

One of Alex's new friends is moving...we are so sad to see her go.  Alex asked a couple of weeks ago if we could throw a small going away surprise party...well of COURSE!!!  I love parties!!!  

Alex invited: Ashley, Lexi, and Haley.  Emma needed to have some friends too so Kate and Laura came over.  1st order of business we ate dinner...these kids devoured 48 Taco Bell Taco's...HOLY MOLY!!!!  That is CRAZY TALK

Next it was time for a Redi-Whip Fight....and Fight they did....I think this was the funniest thing I have ever seen.  


Then came clean-up...we hosed them down before they got to run and jump into the pool.  

 Ok so after looking at these pictures...I realize that we ate-swam-rediwhip fight-swam again...
No way these girls looked that good after the fight...hahahaha

So after a great swim the nail art began...these girls did nails and ate cupcakes for over 2 hours.  We had tuxedo nails/Angry Bird nails/Hello Kitty nails/ Firework nails/Pacman nails/Polka Dot nails/Ladybug nails/Monster nails/Cow Print nails/Super Hero nails...thank goodness for Google!!!  
I was so impressed with how the big girls treated the little ones.  It was really neat!

Now for a SERIOUS WARNING:  If you have a redi-whip fight hosing off and swimming is NOT enough.  You must wash hair/clothes/bodies with soap.  Late that night (actually at 4:00am) when I went to tell the big girls it was time for bed I smelled VOMIT...oh but there was none to be found...except that they ALL reeked of VOMIT!!!  I quick ran into Emma's room and those 3 also smelled to HIGH HEAVEN.  So again I tell you....Soap is a MUST!!!

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