Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spiderman Jumps into 4

Our sweet Henry is 4.  Here is a glimpse into his life.

Favorite Color: Orange, Blue, Green
Favorite Toy: Big Hulk
Favorite Fruit: Peaches
Favorite TV Show: Land Before Time
Favorite Food: Corn Dog
Favorite Thing to Wear: Batman PJ's
Favorite Game: Snappers
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Favorite Animal: Lion
Favorite Song: Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Favorite Book: Berenstain Bears Go To The Dentist
Best Friend: Frank "IVey" Schmidt
Favorite Thing to Sleep With: Dragon Pillow Pal
Favorite Drink: Apple Juice
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Sport: Soccer
What do you want to be when you grown up? The Hulk
What makes you happy? Daddy
What do you like to do with our family: Play
What makes you sad? When I miss mommy.
Where do you like to go? Home

On Henry's Birthday just before we left for his party Gracie dropped by to give him a book she had made for him.  It has laminated pages for him to color pictures she drew herself and a page to practice writing his name.  What a thoughtful and wonderful gift.  She worked REALLY hard on it.  

Henry was so excited to have his party at Jump for Joy.  He had friends from Pre-School and DayCare that came.  We were SUPER EXCITED to see Lauren!
The slides were super fun and we burned off some serious energy...Including me.  

Henry's cake was all chocolate and absolutely as yummy as it was COOL!!!!
Our friends/family that came: Gracie, Kenzi's little sister, Emma, Belle, Macy Morrison, Savanna Johnson, Jacob, Caroline, Emma, Lauren, Caleb, Henry and IVey
The next morning after our party we couldn't wait to dive into some of those GREAT presents.  Henry LOVES Spiderman and has had his eye on the web thower!!!  After a very short lessons...Henry turned on his teacher, daddy, and it was ON!!!!  I hardly got this pictures from laughing so it was Emma's turn but seriously he didn't even get close to her...Emma took OFF!!!
Our other 2 favorites were the Hulk Hands/Mask and his new Rhino.  At first Henry was scared of the Hulk Hands and Mask but that didn't last long at all...and let me tell you that Rhino needs a hauls BOOTY!!!!

Mr. Henry aka Bud/Lil Man....we love you with all our hearts.  You make each and every day a new adventure and even though you get in trouble sometimes, it isn't nearly enough because you are usually making us laugh.  You are a good boy and try hard to think of others.  That is so rare in a little man.  We hope you keep that.  You are wise WAY beyond your years in your faith and trust in the Lord.  We can't wait to see what He has planned for you.  Thank you for keeping a smile in our hearts at all times.  

With all our Love
Mommy and Daddy

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