Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mustache and Margaritas

Summertime means lots and lots of cook outs and swim parties.  We love having our friends over to play and swim.  The other day at swim lessons we saw Ray Ray and Noel.  After a few minutes of talking we decided it was time to have another Mustache and Margarita Party.  

Most of the guests needed my help with a mustache but not Frank...he can grow his own.  
He even had the barber trim it up for him.  

Emma and Haley trying to be cool like the high school girls.  

BJ and Payton were having a good time starting water gun wars.  

Savin got his JUMP on!!!

Love this lady!

After swimming we came in to eat.  The kiddo's watched Journey 2 in the sunroom. 

Rileybug was so happy tonight.  

Cute Couples!!!

My good look'n daddy!!!!

2 of my most favorite people!!!
Look Shad grew his own Mustache too!
Not quite as impressive has Franks.  

Oh ya...I got my mom to put on a mustache!!!!  

This is a good look'n group!

Doug, Shad, Henry, Anne, Emma, Haley, Frank, Riley, Jennifer, Ivey, BJ, Taleigha, Learson, Payton, Drew, Terry, and Savin.  
Not Pictured: Ray Ray and Noel 

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