Saturday, June 9, 2012

1st stop family vacation

Time for summer vacation. We are all so excited. We decided to take 2 days getting to our beach house. That meant we had enough time to stop in with our favorite neighbors-The Knights.
After a 11 hour drive we were ready to be out of the car and have some fun. We started with dinner at Friends. It was yummy but more than that just great to sit down with our good friends. We sat on the porch so we could see the boats and feed the turtle (if it hadn't been raining).

Lisa and me. One of my dearest friends.

Emma Knight-aka: Big Emma. This girl is amazing. Good at all things sports related. Totally enamored with my kids. Great grades and just all around what u hope your kids will turn out to be like!!!

After dinner the Knights took us crabbing. Of course Belle was the first on brave enough to hold the crab. We had some locals give us so pointers.

Lolly was brave too. Until she got pinched!!! Shad got a bad war wound too!!

Finally Dede talked Henry into holding one. Notice no pinchers. Not on purpose mind u. That crab pulled them off himself.

Next he had to work on Emma. That took some serious convincing.

Yes she is terrified but she did it!!!

Henry was so excited!!!! He could hardly contain himself!!!!!

We did pretty good!!!

After an evening filled with catching lots of crabs, a shrimp, and a needle nose we hasn't paid attention to the tide Rollin in. This is Kyle carrying me over the water so I didn't mess up my new shoes. ( I might have not dresses for the adventure). Off to the hotel for a quick shower and some much needed rest!
The next morning Lisa and Emma came over and took us over to New Orleans. We had so much fun walking around and taking in the sites.

Oh did I mention it was the "mater" festival. Hahahahahaha.
Henry became a pirate. And we got a snack at Cafe du Monde!

We visited the Catholic Cathedral in the French Quarter. It was beautiful.

The girls even said a prayer and lit a candle.

This statue was amazing. At first we thought it was a real person and kept waiting for him to move. But then the artist that created him came and picked him up. We all about wet our pants. Too FUNNY!!!

It was a wonderful morning. Now on the road to the beach house. Hope the rain lets up!!!
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