Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rain or Shine

Great first day. It may have rained all day but we can make lemonade out of just about anything!

First thing this morning (5:00am). The boys took the girls fishing but they got rained out!!! They came home because the surf was too rough.

Just as soon as they got home they were right back at it!!!

Yes that is tennis shoes, cars pj's and a life jacket!!! Love those 2 peas In a pod!

After a long morning of not to much luck fishing. (did I mention that last night each kid caught at least 4 Fish each! While we were grocery shopping). We came in for some lunch and a pedicure. Alex is working to get her phone back. Wow she is GOOD!!!

After a great nap we headed to Joe Patti's Fish Market. It was so neat! Hardly smelled Fishy at all.

YouTube Video

-yes our girls are good at figuring out how to entertain themselves.

YouTube Video

We have a picture just like this one from last year. Boy he has grown!

Well the morning was a bust but dusk brought great luck. Henry was really happy with his catch. But Big Daddy's bait (Belle's catch) was being stocked by one of our friendly herring!

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