Saturday, June 2, 2012

As Told by Henry

Right now Henry says something incredible and usually funny just about every day.  Here are a few of the latest.

Henry: Mommy I bet God has a big tummy.
Me: Well why do you think that?
Henry: Because His heart is so has to hold all the people so then he has to have a big tummy too!

Henry:  I am going to be an astronaut.  Daddy is going to sit next to me and help my drive.  You and Emma and Alex are going to be in the back.  Our whole family is going to go...including my kids.  I can't go to early though...they have to grow up some so that they wont get hurt.  But we are all going to go. 

Me: Henry you are growing up to fast...please stop and stay little for a little while longer!
Henry: know I can't...I have to get bigger so I can cook and drive and be a daddy. 

Henry to my mom: Hey wont be too much longer before our watermelons hatch. 

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