Sunday, May 20, 2012

Green Thumb Update

Pots on my front porch...all the flowers are gone..but the bushes have doubled in size.  I wonder if they will flower again? 

The corn is growning like CRAZY, Cantalope is looking good...we have gotten a couple of strawberries but now I am picking the blooms off because I read that if we do that this year the roots will get strong and our crop will be twice as big next year, blue berries are coming along nicely but the sweet basil didn't make it.  I am going to buy another one and try again. 

Watermellons are going CRAZY!!!

yep..those are blue berries...only bad thing is that as soon as they turn blue some little friend decides to eat them before they are quite ready to pick....So now what do we do? 

I am pretty proud of our garden.  So far the only loss has been the basil.  We are doing GREAT!!!  I'll keep you posted and I would love any tips you have for us. 

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