Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big BIG BooBoo

Oh ya...that is one serious OUCH!!!!
This happened on the playground at church.  I feel just terrible because Shad and I were both getting texts from the church staff during the service but I just ignored my phone.  Our new preacher was giving his first sermon and we were totally into it.  When he finished praying Shad and I both looked at our phones and I knew he should go out to see what had happened...I tend to over react sometimes...I know...SHOCKER!!!

Well turned out Henry was more worried about what I would say...he didn't want me to see him.  All I said was..."Well I wanna see the other guy"  Ok..I might have gasped at first...but SERIOUSLY!!!  OUCH.

Henry was a real trooper while this healed up...we put PurLan (that's right...if you didn't know it Nipple Cream is the BEST healer..kicks the poop out of Neosporan)  on 2 times a day and we had swimming lessons that in 6 days...he was totally healed up. 

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