Saturday, May 19, 2012

4th Annual Chili Cook Off

This is our favorite event of the Spring/Summer. 
We start planning in January and look forward to it for months.
Casey, Scheri, Kaitlin, and Christian always come in the day before.  We get to spend all weekend together. 
Of course Henry couldn't wait to show Kaitlin his "new bed" that he has had for almost a year and shown her about 3 times already.  ha ha ha...

It was nice the girls keeping Henry busy because we had alot of work todo before everyone arrived. 

It wasn't long before our friends and family started rolling in.
Belle made a new friend right away.  Marin loved Belle and she doesn't warm up very quickly to anyone.  Belle just has that natural baby MoJo. 
Or maybe it was the Cheetos's
Anna, JoJo, and Dana quickly assumed the position of the day!

More Pretty Girls: Kaitlin, Gabby, and Alex

Reed, Emma, Libby and Henry got out all the riding toys.  These kids put some serious miles on those toys today. 
Determined to catch up to the big kids...and yes the tongue helps. 
Big Daddy, Brad Featherston, Mr. Casey, and Daddy

Randy, Joey V., Frank and Frank

Me and my buddy Scheri...LOVE THIS GIRL!!!
More babies for Belle to play with!!!  Gabby was ready to get in on all the fun. 

Renee and her oldest Katelyn.

Jason and his sweet family.  Jason's wife made the most delicious Hello Dolly Bars I have ever eaten...I fully attribute my HUGE weight gain this weekend to her. 


The Crowlys

The Franks
(we sure did miss Judy this year)
(and her cookies)-hehehehe

Me and my Chili Cooking MAN!
Look at them go...Casey and Shad have been cooking chili since 1999 and they are GOOD!!!  Last year was the 1st year we actually judged.  They are 2o good they WON our cook off last year...which I must admit was pretty embarrassing...Hey come to our chili cook off...Oh wait...we I wouldn't let them be in the contest this year. 
Now these 2 are TROUBLE!!!

The big kids snuck inside for some wii time...a couple of little followed and they were really sweet to include them.  Made me Proud!
Now here comes the serious part...Oh ya we have judging sheets and everything.  This year we have 4 entries and then Shads...that makes 5 chili pots all together...just incase you couldn't do the math. 
Serious Business
This is one of Alex's oldest friends...I love that they just pick up where ever they left off each time they are together.  I am so grateful for their friendship. 

Jo Jo and Big Daddy...such a wonderful example to us. 

Teri Carnes, Gracie, Caroline, Lolly, and DeDe

Drew Carnes...he brought the most comfy chair and he and Teri made some amazing/healthy chili!

Jackson loves him some chili.  What can I say?

Big Sister Mattie was even sporting last years shirt!

Shelly Phillips and her sweet girls Stella and Kenli
Dana and Marin

Joey and Reed.

I had a picture earlier of Renee with their oldest..and this is her baby, Gabby. 

Since Kisses ate our red neck golf...well we had to borrow some washers..  This was a big hit. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather!!!

These two boys played HARD...all day long!!'s chalk...

Oh...did you want some

Here ya go!!! 
And the winner is...BIG DADDY!!!! 
Now that was some GOOD Chili

Love this picture!!!
A traditional picture every year...just need Taleigha. 
Jennifer Schmidt, Me, Jennifer Gresham, Anna Tudor

Love my Family!

I told you washers was a big HIT!!!
Haley Carnes, Belle Welch, Emma McGaha, Bailey Brown, Kenli Coughran

Now that is a GREAT picture. 

yea!!!  Lexi is here!!!
and more babies...wait..where did Belle go?

Now for the chalk wars...
Bring it Mr. Casey!!!  Help, Ivey...get him from behind. 
They all 3 ended up with chalk from head to toe..but had so much fun doing it!!!
These are 2 good look'n men. 
Love you both and your chili kicks booty!!! Even if the butcher got the cut wrong. 

Get out of my picture SHAD!!!!
That's better

Silly Girls

Boys had to stop for some nourishment...they were feeling faint. 
Caleb never wants his picture taken...just like his daddy. 

Erin, Reagan, and Ashley
As if we hadn't had enough to eat...Shad and David headed over to the Mexican Market that evening to get some quesadilla fixens...OH YA!!!  NoNo (Noel) is ready to get her grub on. 

Here are my boys!!!
I just love them to death. 

So as you can guess...we are really into silly faces these days and Henry wanted to take this picture....

Today was a GREAT day.  Thanks to all our friends and family for coming out to make this day so great!!!  We always have such a wonderful time.  Can't wait for next year. 

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