Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break = ROAD TRIP!!!!

Shad and I have been working hard to keep the "Dave Ramsey" principals alive and functioning in our home.  For that reason we really hadn't made any plans for spring break.  I really thought we would just be staying home and hanging out.  Boy was I wrong. 
On the way out of my PTA meeting the Thursday before Spring Break Shad and I began texting about Spring Break.  I am not sure how it came up but he offered to drive us to see Bobo, Mike, and the girls.  YIPPEE!!!!! 
I will take that offer and RUN!!!! I couldn't have been more excited!

We left just after lunch on Wednesday and began the 12 hour road trip.  We are so lucky our kiddo's are such GREAT travelers.  Emma watched movies and made crafts, Alex read book after book (I think she read a total of 5 on this trip), and Henry watched Space Chimps 2 the entire way there and back.  We made the decision to only drive 1/2 way and spend the night in Vicksburg.  While we were driving I found this great bed and breakfast-The Duff House- that had room for us.

From the moment we pulled up the kids were amazed!!!  Needless to say we were not in the best part of are most historic sites.  We came in late at night.  The kids and I took in some luggage and staked out our cool room.  After a few minutes I started wondering what was taking Shad so long.  When I stepped out of our room I realized my phone was blowing up...I could see him pressed against the glass door...locked outside being eaten alive by LARGE bugs and afraid for his life....HEHEHEH  LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
Sorry we left you daddy. 

The next morning we were up and at them early.  Ready to get to the Milford's.  But not before we enjoyed an amazing breakfast.  Complete with China plates and Crystal glasses.  Henry felt really special.  After our yummy breakfast we jumped back in the car and were off. 

We were so excited when we finally arrived that I totally forgot to take any pictures.  I didn't even get my camera out of the car.  We had a great afternoon playing and hanging out.  Bobo made the yummiest lasagna for dinner...Emma even ate it.  I hope Bobo knows what a complement that is. 

The next morning I remembered to grab my camera and got some shots of our time together.  Blair headed off to school super early.  We spent the morning playing and waiting for to meet up with Blair and Mike. 

June taught Emma to do a flip on the trampoline.  She has always been a little nervous but seeing what June could do gave her the confidence to give it a go!!

Henry and Kate were good jumping partners.  They don't like all that "Big Jumping" but they were in for a good game of Ring Around the Rosie. 
Oh look...there is Alex...she finally woke up.  Just in time for us to leave and go meet up with Mike and Blair for lunch. 
Let me just say the Mellow Mushroom is the BEST Pizza I have ever had.  Emma loved the cheese sticks and the grilled cheese.  The rest of us LOVED the pizza.  Shad was sad he didn't get my pizza bones but WOW it was just so good!!!  So if you see one...I promise it is worth the stop.  YUMMO!!!!

After lunch Mike took us on a tour of the Auburn Campus.  It was beautiful.  It was so much fun to see all the places we have read about on their TM5 blog. 
Bobo got the girls picking flowers...and well it almost got out of control.  There were so many varieties on campus and they each wanted one of all of them. 
This was my favorite of Emma's.  Isn't it beautiful!!!
Kate thought these were the prettiest!!!!

Emma started having trouble holding all of hers so she decided to stick some in her purse.  Lets just say not one of her best ideas.
Even Henry like picking flowers but not as much as he liked the gold fish. 
Together they made a great bouquet. 
I know I have said it before but these two girls are two peas in a pod.  I can't believe how they just pick right up with each other no matter how far away we live or how long it has been. 
After our long walk we got to go have a treat at Toomers Henry got a lemonade, Alex got chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Emma got a cookies and cream milk shake, Shad got a limeade, and I got a vanilla malt. 

Love this girl with all my heart. 
Now Henry is really an Auburn Fan. 
After we got back home the boys let Bobo and I slip away for a pedicure and some much needed mommy time.  It was a lot of fun to sit and talk in person.  I can't remember the last time the 2 of us got to talk all alone. 
Then we went out for a fun dinner and came home to watch some basketball. 
The next morning Bobo made yummy tie dye pancakes.  She even let Emma help.  What a treat. 

Henry of course requested a few Mickey Mouse pancakes. 
After breakfast we got ready for a hike out behind the Milford's house.  They have the greatest forest with a beautiful stream running through it.  It was straight out of a picture book. 

So here is the run down. 
Ashley (Bobo) and Me (Annabeth)
Kate (4), June (4), Blair (8) Henry (3 1/2), Emma (7)
I think this picture is hilarious....Henry tried really hard to keep up with the girls and be a MAN but I am not sure what scared him but boy did he scream!!!

I told you it was AMAZING!!!

At one point the kids decided that wanted to cross the streem.  Why I am not sure but they just wanted too!!!  The big girls searched for the perfect spot to cross. 

I love how Kate was helping Henry.  They became big buddies this weekend. 

Finally they made it...well the big girls did. 
June was not to be out done so in she went. 
Boy was she made about getting wet!!!!
 he he he...OK it was a little funny!!!!
 But June wasn't the only one who got her foot in the water.  Henry didn't mind as long as he didn't drop his baseball covered in moss. 

Finally Bobo stepped in to help them across. 

Just after this walk it was time for a quick Chick Fil A lunch and then we had to head home.  We said our sad goodbyes and headed home. 
We love the Milford Family and are so happy to have them do life with us...even if it is from a huge distance.  Hopefully a family trip is in our future. 
And we are planning on running White Rock now...(I hope???)

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