Friday, March 30, 2012

8 is Great!!!

Our sweet Emma is 8.  I just can't believe it.  
She had a really hard time deciding what kind of party she wanted this year but we ended up coming up with a GREAT idea!!!

When Emma's guests arrived we began our first project.  Thanks to Pinterest we Tie Dyed T-shirts with Sharpie markers.  This was so much fun I totally forgot to take any pictures.  The girls were so creative and made some really cool shirts.  While we put them in the dryer to set the color it was time to play Cake Boss.  

Thanks to Wendy and Laurie for letting me borrow these GREAT cake pans.  I think these turned out so cute.  The girls loved decorating.  

Don't think for a second that Mr. Henry wasn't right in the middle of this.  

I made the frosting from JoJo's Yummy Angel Food Cake Frosting Recipe.  WOW!!!  it was so yummy!!!
Just ask Chelle.  

I think they did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!  

While we were taking turns voting on our favorite cake I pulled the shirts out of the dryer and we took some quick picks with our master pieces.  

Are these not the cutest girls.  
On the Couch: Haley Carnes, Delaney Hale, Kiki Beautin, Alexis Carter, Gracie, Laura Christoff, Caroline Cooper, and Libby Featherston
On the Floor: Claire Hood, Baylee Brown, Lucy Hood, Emma, Lauren Carter, Kate Christoff, Belle, and Henry

Silly Faces
Adorable Faces
Now it is time to EAT those pretty pretty cakes we made.  

They really liked that part!!!
Then Emma got to open her presents.  Her friends got her some really great stuff. 

This little girl LOVES shoes!!! 

With just a little time left in our party we settled down to watch Hop.  
These are some sweet little girls for sure!

Big thanks to Shad, Lolly, DeDe,  JoJo, Chelle, and Audrey for all your help with the party.  
It was so much fun!!!

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