Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here Piggy Piggy

I have blogged before about our little hunter Emma. How she was most excited about her bow and arrows for Christmas. How she is determined to kill her first deer with her new guns for her. Well Henry has been SO JEALOUS of Emma getting to go hunting. (Alex not so much) So when deer season was over Big Daddy decided they needed to go clear our some hogs and invited all the kids to go.
They had the best time.
Henry was sitting in the back end of the jeep after Shad shot this hog. He asked DeDe to shut the door and dede said..."Sure Henry, just wait a second till I throw this hog up in there" Well with out a single word Henry dove over the back seat. He wasn't having any part of that.
Then Emma on the way home realized that they had left the hog out on the lease and that meant she wasn't going to get the tusks. BOY WAS SHE MAD!!!!
Can you say roll reversal???

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