Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day-Family Day

Christmas could feel the excitement. Everyone was so thrilled with what Santa brought!!!

Henry got a Jeep!!

Emma got the new ITouch. She saw a commercial for this months ago and it has been the only thing she has really asked for. She saw that it could do FaceTime like a phone. She said "mom that means when you are out of town I can call you and I don't have to ask dad" So of course that is what Santa brought!!!

Alex got...a Net Book!!! She really didn't ask for anything but boy was she excited!!!!

This was her other favorite gift. She has always wanted a nut cracker from Christmas Magic. JoJo you get the prize!!!
Not long after presents were all opened it was time for lunch. Family arrived with gift, food and fun in hand.

Randy, Uncle Jerry, and Uncle DeDe

Wendy, Rachelle, and JoJo
We were so excited that Wendy and Robb's family were able to come this year!

Ryan and Carrie...did you know there are very few pictures of Ryan out there...he always hides..but I got one!!!

Aunt Gretta and Aunt Susan

Uncle Larry and Conrad

Shad and Randy..those are some good look'n guys

Randy and me...we were partners in crime...LOVE HIM!!!

Me and Erin..
I guess I forgot all about the kiddo's for pics that afternoon!!!! It was a wonderful day. We have the best family and some really yummy food!!!

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