Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's a Wagonette?

So What is a wagonette...well we found out just a couple of nights after Christmas. We had been wanting to take the kids on a carriage ride to see the lights but just hadn't had the time to get to it done.
No more waiting and wondering...Shad decided it was time to get to it. We called Prime Time Limo and find out the details.
It wasn't long before we found out that our family of 10 (missing Alex) would not fit into a carriage but they had a wagonette for us. This is a wagonette!!!
These girls are so excited!!! Poor Grace couldn't keep her eyes open when the camera flashed...we tried and tried. Emma was love'n some hot chocolate!

All bundled up and ready to go....

Henry was so excited..he had been asking and asking everyday when we passed by the horses...and we passed by them alot!

Wonder where Grace gets it?

This was our sweet pony...he pulled a load that is for sure...and every once in a while he gave us a little down wind taste...STINKY...but we so enjoyed it. The lights were beautiful. Another great memory!

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