Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

This is how our morning started...sibling LOVE and a little bit of Aladin. I am so proud of how far these two have come!
Not too long after that Binkie came over to unwrap presents.

Henry was hillarious...he growled and jumped and danced and tore!!! Just watch the funny!!!! He really loved opening presents this year

Emma was so greatful for each and every gift she received and honestly this excited. Made my heart warm!!

Our Teen...what can I say...she did get a little excited as she opened...but I know she really did love her gifts....especially the karioki machine!!!

Daddy was looking to change up his wardrobe so he got tons and tons of clothes...and the entire Saprano's series...Ok that is a little for me too!

After all the gift opening we headed to church...the service was great and we got to see the Schmidts again!!!
Next it was off to mom and dad's for dinner and to spend the night. Santa always come to there house. We had enchillada's this year...totally out of the box for us. We have always had potato soup and grilled ham and cheese but we changed it up and it was really nice.
After dinner we open 1 present (always PJ's)

The Dolls got matching PJ's this year too! Go JoJo!!!

I love this the way...notice Henry's camera...HE LOVES IT!!! This was his favorite gift!! Even beat what Santa brought!!!

We got a great treat this year and were joined by Aunt Gretta and Uncle Larry. They were suppose to be skiing but a little health problem caused them to cancel their trip. Although they were missing their kids we sure were happy to have them with us!

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