Friday, January 28, 2011

Belle Turns 6!

Last Friday was Belle's birthday. The Welch's have been attending alot of Wild Cat Games and LOVING IT!!! So Belle decided she wanted a hockey birthday party (Parents be warned...this was the longest birthday party in the history of birthday all the kiddo's loved it but it was seriously from 6:00-10:45pm) We started the party with pizza, cake, and presents. After that the party moved up to the stands to watch the WildCats in action. It was a great game...from what I hear...I only got to see the last few minutes. During this part of the party Shad and I ran to Burk for Judy's Retirement Party (To Be Blogged about next) As soon as the game was over we rushed down to the open skate.

I couldn't believe how GREAT all the kids did. I was so proud of them and the WildCat players were so nice to pose for pictures and to skate with the kids.

This is Frost...All the girls have a crush on him...especially Grace.
After the open skate it was time to take everyone home. I thought surely I would have a car full of sleeping kiddo's but Emma was the only one who didn't make it. Even Henry powered through.
Poor Aunt Lolly got a BAD virus during the party and had to have Big Daddy take her home. But no worries we got lots of pictures and all had a BALL!!!!
(Thank goodness they let you on the ice without skates...)

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