Thursday, January 27, 2011

And we thought poison apples were bad!

Sunday Shad did some yard work. That evening he complained about a rash on his right arm. We assume he got into some poison ivy/oak/sumac? Not sure. By Monday morning he looked like Will Smith from the movie Hitch. Eye swollen, lips swollen, arm on fire. He ran by sick time on his way to work and got a steroid shot. Surely that will knock it out!!!

Oh but no no no that was not the case. By Wednesday this is what he looked like.

By Thursday morning those blisters had all grown together to form one giant 4x3 inch blister. The rash runs from his ear to pant line. HOLY MOLY. My man is in bad shape. Today he Literally took 4 showers. One of our sweet friends, Drew Carnes, even stopped by with some miracle cream that has really helped. So needless to say Shad is out of the yard work business for a long while!!! Poor baby!!!

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