Monday, December 20, 2010

1st Family Ski Trip

Go with the flow...what...who does that...not me...well this week I did....well as best I could. Laurie and David invited us on a last minute trip skiing with them. They had rented a large cabin and invited their office to come for a few day and then for some friends from church to come.
After a few discussions Shad and I decided to pack up and go...We only had a few days to prepare and really didn't want to spend a fortune on ski clothes not knowing if the kids would enjoy it. I posted on facebook that we were looking to borrow some clothes and my WONDERFUL WONDERFUL friends clothed us almost completely. I only had to buy a few hats, gloves, 2 pairs of boots and some long johns...With 5 family members that was truly amazing!!!
So early Friday morning, by early I mean 4am, we headed to Angel Fire. Our trip was very uneventful until the last 20min when Henry "tossed his cookies" all over the place. YUCK!!!
The house was so great we got there in plenty of time for the guys to go and rent ski stuff and a quick trip to the grocery store.
The next few days consisted of TONS of family time and cooking. We had a ball and couldn't have been more grateful for David and Laurie's generosity.
Here are a ton of pics from our trip.

Belle and David on the lift by the end of their trip Belle skied a green all on her own..She did so great.

This is her first day practicing. It wasn't long before she didn't need daddy at all.

My family on the other hand needed a quick lesson. Alex, Emma, and Shad took a class for 2 hours and learned so much. Henry hung in for about 45 minutes and learned to "slide" He loved it once we got his boots on right.

This is the view from our porch. It was beautiful and we could see the slopes

Alex was a rock star in no time. We had to do a little convincing in order to keep her trying but when she started to catch on she was unstoppable!!! We were so proud of her.

My favorite time was back at the cabin. We cooked and talked and laughed and was great!!!

The kids had so much fun together playing. I was so proud of how they got along and looked after each other.

Are twinkies

Henry Loves his DeDe

Thanks again Laurie and David...We loved it!

Here is our lesson...wish I had more video of how great they got...but at least you can see where we started and next time you will see how far they came.

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