Thursday, December 16, 2010

4th Annual Schmidt McGaha Christmas

I can't believe how much our worlds have changed in the past 4 years. We have added 3 kiddo's to our clan and each and every year is more fun than the next. This year was suppose to be at the Schmidt's but I instated a new rule that if you just had a baby you don't have to host. So we hosted this year but Frank still made desert!!!
I grew up with Goodgion/Tritton Christmas and love all the great memories I have from it. I so wish I could find a picture. Now it is our turn to continue the tradition. Each year we get together to eat and exchange gifts.

For right now we are doing presents youngest to oldest because...well the boys just can't wait. No worries in a few years we will get to have the whole "did we do youngest to oldest last year or oldest to youngest" I love that part.
Henry got a COOL Thomas the train was a hit with the boys. I was so proud of the way they shared with each other.

Emma got Fuzoodles...these are SO COOL!!! (mom I was wrong) Emma loved them. Both Emma and Henry took their presents with us on our ski trip and they entertained everyone with them.

Alex got the biggest box....

Wait another box?

And another one!!!!!

SO FUNNY...J says it just isn't fun to wrap a gift card so she made Alex work for it.

J and Baby Riley...this is the first night Shad got to hold Riley...with much protest from me. Shad gives off this baby pheromone and then they LOVE him forever...he already got his stink all over IVey but...NO WAY Riley is mine...I have worked for the past 3 years to win over IVey and I am still working on it...but no no no...he wont get Riley too!!!

The photographers have realized that we have NO pics together at all...gotta change that.

How funny are these boys...the next day when we are getting Henry dressed he says...NO NO i wanna wear my pull-up like IVey and Nothing else!!!

Shad's gift speaks for itself...check out the coozie pocket!

Time for desert!!! Chocolate Bread Pudding...are you kidding me...YUMMY!!!
It was a wonderful night...we are just at the beginning of these wonderful glad to share it with The Schmidts...

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