Monday, December 20, 2010

A few more ski trip pics

So I have a few more pics I just had to post. The ski trip did have one great story...We all decided to ride the "big lift" to the top of the mountain to eat lunch. Shad did warn me that I might not enjoy the was so pretty but VERY Scary to have your babies up on this quad lift. Just as we could see the end of the lift it stopped...a storm was brewing...our chair started swinging...Emma tried to talk to me and I sweetly explained that I was talking to Jesus.. Of course within just a few minutes we were off and headed over to eat.

Here is the restaurant...can you tell the weather is getting bad?

Really BAD!!!!

After just a few minutes inside the ski patrol came in and told us the lift was closed and would not be re-opening...but not to worry they would figure out a way to get us down...

SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we all kick backed and relaxed...had a nice LONG lunch and waited.

Now for the rescue...SNOWMOBILES...ROCK ON!!!

The kids loved it...heck...I loved it. When Henry got off he turned and said a polite..."thank you" The snowmobiles drove us to the next lift and then we rode down and got on a shuttle back to the lodge.
Our kiddos' weren't phased at all.

Alex was ready to get back on the slopes. She did great.

This pic is of Emma falling she did that alot but just kept right on proud.

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