Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the teacher.

How pumped were we when we found out that Mrs. Stevenson was going to be Emma's homeroom teacher. Gracie had her 2 years ago and our family fell in love. For the past year Emma has said that she wanted Mrs. Stevenson. This was a huge answer to prayer.

Emma, Caroline, Libby, Belle, Gracie and Mrs. Stevenson...isn't it cool that her class is "the" class to hang out in!

This is the teacher gift that Emma and I made for Mrs. Stevenson...I got the idea from one of the tip blogs I stock. The tag on the jar that has the pencils says "thanks for helping our children write the future" and the other one says " thanks for all that you will do this year, Hugs and Kisses"

Emma and Grace...these girls are going to RULE the SCHOOL!

We took Gracie with us to meet the teacher because Belle is going to Kindergarten and had her meet the teacher the same night. Lolly caught us with us just a bit later.

Emma, Kate, and Alexis. They may not be in the same class but they will still be seeing alot of each other.

Emma and Dalaney are going to be in the same class...Dalaney lives down the street.

Our first REAL locker...

Mrs. Stevenson it is going to be a great year!!!

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