Thursday, August 19, 2010


You may have all previously read about Bob...well last night Henry and I found Larry running down the hall. Henry promptly told me we needed a cup and to get him outside. We first caught him in my bedroom but once I got the cup over him I need something to slide under it. I asked Henry to go find me something flat. He said "Be right back mommy" and he actually did it. He brought me this flat little book. COOL did he know the work flat?
So we took poor Larry into the living room for a photo shoot. I asked Henry to put his finger on the top of the cup and take a picture. He was more than willing...until the cup moved and tipped over. Larry jumped on to Henry's hand and then leg. Henry LOST IT!!! Screaming turned to sobs....Once he calmed down the hunt was back on. We recaptured Larry and got him outside. The video says the rest...I am loving these little lizards.

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