Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day of School...1st GRADE

A new first day of school tradition for us..Name cakes. Gotta start the day off right!

I can't believe it. Look how old she looks. I couldn't be prouder. At the end of the day I asked what was your favorite part of today and Emma said "everything" She had a GREAT day.

Once we took Emma's picture, Henry wanted a turn...So I got my phone out and took a quick picture of him...then he says "one more" so I try to take another one...and he says "No with the real camera" LOL!!! I had a feeling he was going to need to be in more photo's today.

Libby, Emma, and Kate are sitting all together...wonder how long that will last?

Did I mention we love this lady...When Emma walked into the room Mrs. Stevenson gave her a HUGE hug and helped her get her stuff into her locker. I LOVE that she hugs my baby!

One more with he says..."my big too!"

Gracie was sweet to let Henry and I come into her class and say hi...Henry sat right down next to her. He thought he might stay a while until the teacher started talking to him..then he was OUT. Gracie even let me take her picture!

Once we had seen Emma and Gracie, Henry and I jumped over to Brook Village to see Belle and Jacob. They both have Mrs. Twining. So glad they are in class together!

Again Henry needed to be in the picture!

Here is sweet Alex. Doesn't she look great...we are so proud of her. So they don't have meet the teacher or anything for 8th graders. In Alex's words "they expect you to know where you are going" So this is all I got for her. Daddy did snap a pic in front of the school with his phone. She is going to have a GREAT year.

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