Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great way to end the summer Cont...

I warned you there were a ton of pictures!!

Check out how DIRTY they are!!!

Isn't this a sweet moment. Alex is such a good big sister....she adores this little boy and he feels the same way!!!

So glad these boys have each other...they need some testosterone.

These are the best guys ever!!!

So the daddy's would catch bait each morning. The first afternoon we didn't realize just how far out the tide would go...so after nap when we headed back down we found one fish...frying on the sand...and all the bait dead in the bait holder...both staked about 20 feet up on the beach from where the water was....When we left them they were floating fine but not so much when we got back.. The girls chased each other for a while with the dead fish... GROSS!!!

The boys climbed up in the bunk bed because they wanted to take nappy together...Look at those little trouble makers

Potty Training continues no matter where you are...He did great!

Another Future Sports Illustrated model.....

Don't you dare throw that sand at me....OHHHHHH NOOOO!!!

And now for a little snack...or three

This little watering can was the biggest success....All the kids played with it at some point but Henry monopolized it the most. He love it so much...We will have to get one of these for him.

There were lots of naked moments at the beach...this is the only postable one. We tried our best to keep the sand outside and not inside...

OK Here she is...just as we were leaving David caught this...HOLY POOP!!! Are you kidding me...I know I know it is small but it has a mamma....For real this was just right where we were swimming...let just say the kids wont argue next year when we say you are out to deep and that their are sharks in this water...

I love this picture so much....Check out the rain!!!

Great way to finish the trip...

Oh I didn't get any pictures at Buc-ee's Truck stop...just outside of Houston...but you must stop there...the beaver nuggets are to die for!!! LOL!!!!

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