Monday, August 9, 2010

Great way to end the summer

What a great way to end the summer...spend a week at the beach with your best friends. Laurie and I have 2 cousins that we were raised with. We went to the same schools, same church, family functions, everything. We even lived next door to each other when we were really young. Mitzi and Tricia now both live Port Arthor and Sour Lake. Just about 30 minutes from each other. They have 4 girls and 1 boy between them...Sound familiar. (One more girl is on the way...scheduled to be here sometime next month) Last summer we drove down for a visit and we had so much fun we planned another one for this year.

It is so important to us that our kids grow up knowing each other. Maybe not the way we did but they have already formed such a bond. It is amazing. Rhett's (Tricia's Husband) mom has a beach house just 30 minutes from where they live. She was so gracious to let us stay there!!! It is an amazing house. Tricia played hostess all week with us. Rhett is out at sea right now...we sure did miss him. Mitzi, Chuck and the girls drove down to play and stay with us. That is a grand total of 8 little girls (ages 13-3) 2 little boys (just 6 months apart-thank you Grandma) and 5 adults...tons of food, fun and sun!!!

I know there are a ton of pictures but seriously this is just a handful!!!

There are so many good pictures of fishing...They boys caught mostly catfish a few trout and one shark--that's right a shark..right where we were swimming...

waiting so patiently!

Belle Breigh and Emma starting on the hermit crab resort.

Sweet little Landry...this little girl has the sweetest little voice you have ever heard. I just love it.

Breigh was such a good sport to help the kiddo's collect (capture) 150 hermit crabs...with very little effort. If they had really tried it would have been 300. Look how BIG they are..and no one got pinched.

Brook, Gracie, Emma, Henry, Alex, Belle, Breigh, Caleb, Libby, and Landry.

Libby loved the feel of the sand...all the kiddo's did.

This is pretty much how they spent their week....Glad they got to relax and get away. We have such GREAT daddy's...they got up in the morning and started fishing early...came up for some breakfast. After breakfast they set up all our beach chairs and stuff and started fishing again. Later they came up for lunch and maybe a quick nap but then back to fishing and finally grill some dinner and then night fishing. Too bad no good fish to eat!!! Maybe next year.

sweet Grace is going to be the best babysitter in just a few years. She loved playing with the little guys!!! Till it was time for her to go "Catch Some Waves"

The new teenager hid from the camera ALOT but here is a GREAT one of her

Love this little girl!

This is the beautiful wrap around porch. The kids ate lunch and sometimes dinner and breakfast out here everyday...Made for easy clean up and a great view!

Even in the rain we will play!!

Time for a little rest...but check out that smile....LOVEING IT!!!

I can't tell if Emma is going to be a sports illustrated model or Madusa?

Our big girls!!!

Can you believe she is this dirty...if you know Emma this is not in her make-up and she loved every minute of it!

The big girls kept digging holes for Henry and Caleb to play in.

Strong MAN

These are my fav's.

Check out all those FACES!!!

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