Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summers Almost over.

Do you have to keep a calendar for your child's social events. CRAZY I know, but seriously Emma is making the best of these last few days of summer.

Our JoJo is out of pocket so we needed a fill in for the week. Sweet Nicole has been helping me out during the days with Emma and Henry. On Monday Emma asked if she could have a friend over to play while Nicole was here. Nicole agreed so bring on the friends. On Tuesday we got to have Alexis over. Nicole took the kids to Jump for Joy and McDonalds then home for swimming and Milk shakes.

This is what happens when mom gets busted sneeking pictures at the window.

Glad I was inside. Tomorrow Libby is coming over and then Emma is going to Libby's to spend the night. Then on Friday we are meeting the Ashcraft kiddo's at the Water Park and then on Saturday Emma is going to Isabella Rose's house for the day. WOW kid...I can't imagine what it is going to be like when you are older. I am so glad we have been blessed with great friends. What an answer to prayer. Enjoy these last few days. School is just 5 days away!

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