Friday, June 18, 2010

We'll Make it to the Villages-eventually

We landed and went straight to get our rental cars from Thrifty Car Rental. (Dad went with Enterprise) As David and Shad were checking the cars out the service lady asked why we hadn't rented a 12 passenger van. Well because it was $1500 on the website...She then proceeded to explain that she had several and would be willing to put us in one for less than what we would be paying for our 2 cars...HECK YA!!! We all wanted to ride together anyway...Way less fighting from the kiddo's about who was with who and better to share the driving responsibilities. GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!
Big Daddy and JoJo still got their car but we mostly road all together. We were so hungry by the time we got out of the airport that Alex said "We can eat at the broccoli house for all I care I just wanna eat!" (old family joke) We ended up eating at a neat local pub before heading to The Villages.

Now getting to The Villages was a bit of a challenge but once we got there we were SO pleased with our house. 3 stories, plenty of room and bathrooms for the 11 of us. And 2 golf carts. The Villages is a golf cart community. That means you drive your golf cart to the grocery store, to dinner, to the movies, to go bowling...everywhere. We unpacked-jumped in the golf carts and went exploring.

After dinner and some grocery shopping we called it a night. Tomorrow is Epcot and we were pooped!

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