Saturday, June 19, 2010

Epcot-Day 1

Can you believe we got 11 people ready and out of the house by 7:20am. Yipee!!! Way to go us. Epcot here we come. As soon as we arrived we rented strollers for the kids. Funny they don't fit as well as they did a few years ago. Henry immediately spyed Daisy across the court yard from us. He really wanted to go and see her. So we quickly jumped in line.

While we were waiting Alex saw stitch just a little bit away from us, there was no line at all so they quickly jumped over there while we continued to wait. Henry was not very excited but didn't protest to much.

Daisy was a big hit...Henry was a little scared but as long as daddy held him we were good.

Just a few feet away was the Epcot Ball again no line so we jumped at that opportunity. The ride was so neat. Belle got separated from her mom and dad and ended up in the car in front of Shad. After the ride started he had to stand up and pull her back with him, but once she was with them everyone really enjoyed it. It sure was cool in there.

When you exit the ride you enter a large "arcade" Our kides loved this game. All about helping cities with their power. The shovels would push the power balls around. Henry thought it was GREAT! I'll post a video so you can see just how fun it is.

There was also a car game. Alex was really interested in this one.

Last time our favorite part of Epcot was the Crush Experience. So we knew we wanted to head to that area. We all liked the Finding Nemo Ride. Again no line. Belle got a little "Sea" Sick but everyone else did great.

After Nemo we had a few minutes before the crush experience began so we got to explore the aquariums. All the kiddo's--well and adults were amazed at the collection.

Figment was a the ride I remembered the most from my childhood. It is one of those memories that my family has talked about for years and years. The ride has REALLY changed and after the ride there is a great Kodak play room. Henry got a great picture where the Kodak lab assistance showed us some of the neat special effects that could be used.

This floor has pictures of instruments on it. When the picture lights up you can step on it and the instrument begins to play. Run and jump...Run and jump...Run and Jump...

Here you use your hands to direct figment and the music.

This mama duck and her babies just plopped right down in the middle of the sidewalk...We guessed it was shady and that is why she liked that spot.

One of the things I love about Epcot is all the hands on games and activities. When you are visiting all the different countries the kids get a mask to color and carry with them. Then they receive a charm for their mask in the different countries. We made our masks in was perfect since we had about 20min before we could get a table to sit down and eat.

The food was YUMMY but even better was the chance to sit and cool off. We really think that was the key for the kids lasting ALL DAY!!!

Henry and Alex played ALOT!!!

We all wore badges that said we were celebrating and Henry wore a badge that said it was his birthday. He told everyone he was turning two. He was super friendly. Here at the Mexican restaurant they even sang to him and brought him and ice cream with a candle. I was so surprised that he knew just how to blow it out!

We weren't ready to give up the air conditioning so we took a quick ride around Mexico. Only Mexico and Norway have rides the rest of the countries have different attractions.

Here we are in Norway getting out charms.

Trolls are a big deal in Norway. We thought this one was pretty cool!

And now for a little sugar to keep us going!

Henry kept getting his sucker so close to Gracie...I said "Henry be careful you are going to get that sucker in Gracie's hair." He said "It ok mama I put it in my hair too!" We all died laughing.

We got a private picture chance with Mickey and Goofy because my dad has one of the Disney Credit Cards. We didn't have to wait long. When we walk through the curtain Henry climbed me like a tree. He liked Mickey but didn't want Mickey to touch him. When Mickey reached out Henry SHREEEEKED!!!! It was so surprising and SOOOO FUNNY!!! Infact we everytime we were around another character we would see if he would do it again and again....I know we are sick. Alex said Henry screaming was her favorite part of the day!!!

While we were waiting for our picture with Mickey there was a segway demonstration. Dad, David, Laurie, Shad and I all got to ride one. It is alot harder than it looks!

The kiddo's really wanted some more autographs so we got in a line to see just about all the characters. (Another great thing about Epcot--Character sightings) The line was long but we had fun playing until it was our turn.

After all that Big Daddy and Henry needed a break...

It was getting close to our dinner reservation so we headed over to The Land Pavillion. We road The Land ride. On this ride you see all the research that Disney is doing on farming. Really Really cool.

This is a Tamato Tree...GRACIE WANTS ONE!!!

Next was a Character Dinner at the Garden Grill. Where you are served veggies that they have grown right there. The resturant spins and you can see into the ride while you eat. You also get a visit from Chip and Dale, Pluto, and Mickey Mouse. Chip and Dale were the favorite for our girls. Henry was great with them as long as they didn't try to touch him. He would tell them it was his Birthday and he was 2.

Farmer Micky!

Again Henry was treated to Ice Cream with a candle.

After dinner we waited in the longest line of the day to ride soaring. It was well worth it. The girls were scared at first but WOW!!! It ended up being favorite of the day!!! They even went back and road it again. We were leaving to try to catch one more ride before the fireworks began but when we got to the doors of the pavillion we noticed that it was POURING!!! I mean were were drinched...the strollers were soaked....Masks didn't survive...We headed to the van. It was a GREAT DAY!!!

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