Friday, June 18, 2010

Flying the Family

Boy the alarm clock went off early on Friday morning but we had to leave for the airport on the shuttle by 6:00am. i was so proud of how quickly we got ready, installed the carseat in the shuttle, unloaded checked in and got through security. It was seamless. The plane ride was so much fun.

Emma sat with DeDe and Gracie and before the plane took off she asked DeDe if the plane was going to drive around for a while before we BLASTED OFF!!! We all got a great laugh at that. She also informed us that she would be wearing her earbuds to keep her ears from getting stuffed up since she can't chew gum like the rest of us.
JoJo and Big Daddy were all smiles. JoJo brought her usual bag of tricks. It worked great at keeping Henry busy. First she gave him an Elmo book. While we were reading it he said that Elmo was crying..I asked "Oh no, Why?" He responded" Because I hit him" This kids is too funny!!!
Henry also really enjoyed playing with Daddy's Ipad..boy that clicky sticky game ROCKS!!!
Belle asked Laurie if the plane was going to walk around for a while before it took off (like a bird does)

Henry did so good on the plane he just loved it!!! Alex did great too, way better than last time.

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