Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommies Day to play with her babies

We started out at Zilker Park-thanks to all my Facebook friends-There is a really neat train there that will take you all around the park.

I wish I had taken some pictures of the park but we got to wrapped up in the scenery. The train driver was so neat. When we got to the overpass he threw bread into Barton Springs so we could see the swans, ducks, fish, squirrels, and turtles come to eat. Next we played at the play ground for a bit. There were several schools on Field trips there so we didn't stay long. Barton Springs was just a couple of stairs away. Our new friends that we met on the train came with us. We tried to skip rocks but mom isn't very good at that the water was so clear and pretty. After a few minutes it started to sprinkle so we decided to grab some lunch.
On the way to the park we past Chewy's. I have heard about Chewy's and when I mentioned it to our new friends we thought that sounded like a GREAT idea. The food was AMAZING!!! Even the kids chicken strips were great. Emma ate a HUGE burrito..every bite. I had a stacked Green Chili enchilada SO GOOD. After lunch we headed to the Austin Nature Center. One of the other mommies on the train told us about it. From what I had read on the Internet this wasn't the best place for us to go. BOY WAS THAT WRONG!!! This is the neatest place. First you walk us a winding pack with great landscaping. There are even signs telling you about the plants. Also there are dino prints every once in a while. Next you walk into the main building. There is so much for the kids to do. They can examine bug collections

Look through microscopes and different animal fur. All at their own pace. There is also a play room where the kids can read books and climb around a cave.

Then when you move outside there is a path that takes you around a natural stream and small lake. On one side is the dino dig. We spent alot of time here.

Henry was a little unsure at first. I actually had to get into the sand so he wouldn't be scared of getting dirty. Emma had no problem at all...she jumped right in and started digging her heart out. So did Kate!

It didn't take long for the girls to find some bones. The were so EXCITED!!!
Once Henry got comfortable he really enjoyed playing in the sand.

Literally this is how she looked the entire time. Digging her heart out!!!

After the Dino's we headed into the reptile/Bird house...stinky!!!! but really cool. They also had some animals around the outside in cages. We saw Coate, Bobcats, Owls, Ducks, and Eagles
It was such a GREAT afternoon!!! I loved getting to hang with my agenda just having fun. We couldn't wait to go find Daddy and tell him all about our day.

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