Friday, April 30, 2010

Lemons to Lemonade

At least that is the way the McGaha's role. We left after work on Wednesday to begin our weekend journey. Kisses was already at the vets for boarding the house was locked up and Shad had the car packed, we were on our way. Of course we had to make our usual stop in Decatur to change a diaper, grab a snack, and jump back on the road. Or so we thought. Just as we pulled out onto 380 there was a loud POP and then no more transmission...POOP!!!

Shad called OnStar. They got us all fixed up with road side assistance. They called the wrecker for us (who by the way would give us a ride to James Woods-3miles for $75.--NO THANKS) So we called James Woods they sent over a 4 door 2010 truck for us to borrow for the weekend while they fixed our car at no extra charge. That way I would only have to reinstall the carseats once...SO THOUGHTFUL!!! (by the way the car was under warranty) YIPEE!!! Oh ya and the truck just happened to have a trailer hitch for Shad's bike. THANK YOU LORD for all your provisions. We will defiantly buy another car from James Woods. So in a matter of an hour and 40 minutes we were back on our way.

Henry and Emma liked sitting next to each other. Well Henry liked it...Emma tolerated it...Our sweet friend Anna picked up Shad's wet suit at the Richardson Bike Mart just in case we didn't make it before they closed. Thanks Anna you are a life saver.

We made it to Austin about 11:30. Crawled into the room. Henry really had trouble getting to sleep. Infact it took him till about 2 before he settled down. Shad slept with Emma so he could get some rest before his meeting at 7:30 the next morning. At about 1:00am the phone rang but Shad was to asleep to answer it. Then 15 minutes later it rang again. This time I made him get up. It was our good friend Bill, Shad's mom had a stroke. Holy Moly are you kidding me!!! We decided to leave in the morning after we got a little sleep.

Early the next morning we talked to Pam and Bill and decided to stay for Shad's meeting and then head to the tri in Galveston as long as Shad's mom was doing well. If there was any change we would head home. Betty didn't want Shad to miss out on the tri he had been training so hard for and she was doing well.

Shad went to his meeting and the kids and I headed out for an adventure.

-side note: If you are ever in a hotel room with a toddler that never sits still just put them in the shower with you and then you leave them in the tub while you get ready. You may already know this trick but I just thought of it and it worked great more than once on this trip. So back to our adventure.

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