Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcakes and the Capital

When we drove away from the hotel to head out on our adventure that morning I showed Emma the Capital. She got so excited. We decided that when Daddy got out of his meeting we would go for a visit.
So Daddy was done, but we needed a quick snack. The same mom that told us about the Nature Place also told us about a cupcake trailer on Congress...OH MY GOODNESS...YUMMY!!! It is a big silver trailer (old school) with a giant cupcake on the top...check it out
So belly's are full and now it is time to visit the Capital.

Henry was amazed at the ceiling!!! This was his view.
We didn't get to see much because they were closing down but we did visit the gift shop and take a quick peek around. I am so glad that Emma has such an interest in things like this.

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