Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Heart is Broken

Today the world is a little dimmer. My dear friend Terri Otto is no longer with us. She was hit while on a run this morning. She leaves a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children into our care.

My grief is so selfish. I love Terri..I am not sure I ever did anything for her but she did so much for me.

  • She was my friend. Shad and I went to her and Dave's to play poker a couple of times. It was so much fun and of course she was great about bringing the kids.

  • She was Shad's Friend. They talked about running all the time...I know she saw me role my eye

  • She was my mentor. I looked up to her in so many ways. She was strong, beautiful, wise, courageous, humble, EXTRAORDINARY. If I had a prayer request I called her and I know she prayed. She was a warrior for Christ. She fasted (I think on Tuesdays) while she prayed for everyone who had requested this of her. She was on our pastor search team. She spoke to me and answered my questions so many times. She never talked down to me but on the same level.

  • She was a GREAT mama. She loved her babies so much. She has 3 beautiful children. 2 girls and boy. She and Dave home school their children. I can't even imagine but that was the choice they made for them. They put those kids first at all times. She was a great mama.

  • She was a wife. She loved Dave so much. You could see it in their eyes. You know the people that you see that are so in love. They finish each others sentences...when Dave talked. Terri was defiantly the outspoken one of the two. You didn't even have to know them to tell how much love there was.

  • She was a teacher. Not only to her children but to so many women all over the city. I am amazed at the people that new her. I have a friend that recently moved to WF. Her little girl and my Emma ended up in dance and gymnastics together. As we got to know each other I found out that she was attending Terri's book club. One of my best friends from college grew up with Terri. One of my best friends from childhood, her mother was mentored by Terri...Everyone that came in contact with Terri was better for it.
  • She was a Volunteer. Terri volunteered often (I believe weekly) at the Pregnancy Help Center and had a HUGE heart for the girls she worked with.

  • She worshiped!! I loved sitting close enough to Dave and Terri at church to watch them worship. Terri worshiped with her entire being. You could tell how genuine she was. She stood whether anyone else was standing or not. She raised her hands closed her eyes and worshiped...

There is so much more to write about Terri...I don't even know how to put my thoughts in order. I will continue to add to this blog about her as things become more clear. I do know one thing..Dave said it best. Terri would tell us to look to Jesus...her Lord and Savior. Your Lord and Savior. I wish I had her faith. I admit...tragedy like this shakes me....I will continue to grow. I know, because I have been taught my entire life, there is a purpose, and for God to have taken this beautiful soul something AMAZING is going to come of it. I just hope I get to see it.

Thank you God, for letting us have Terri. I learned so much from her. She truly touched me.

One last thought for the night. Terri would be concerned about the man that hit her. She would want us to reach out to him. I can only imagine his pain and heartache. I hope I have to opportunity to reach out to him.


marilyn redwine said...

Loved your blog this morning. You said it all! Teri was such an incredible lady! I am still in shock and grief over the loss. But as Dave said, Teri would be pointing to Christ.

Carrie Matthews said...

Thanks Anne for putting thoughts into words. I too am selfish in my grief. I am so sad for the Ninjas soccer team. I loved working with Terri. We each knew our strengths and limitations. She and Dave coached and I "managed" I am working on being thankful for the season we had together, instead of grieving her loss in watching our kids grow up together. I also grieve for the kids at church. She had such a gift for teaching.

Jim Bob Howard said...

Thanks for the great tribute to Tat. The world will never be the same without her here. And the world will never be the same because she was here.

Chana said...

You summed up Terri beautifully. I am a friend from the F15E community and I met Terri 8 years ago and she became a close friend fast. She was always there for me no matter what. I will miss her terribly. I am glad I am able to fly out to TX and say goodbye in person. Thanks for your beautiful words for such a special person.

The Milfords said...

Oh Annabeth. I am so sorry you lost your dear friend. I wish Iw as there to cry with you and love on you and your family. She sounds like an amazing woman, someone we should all imitate. I will be praying for you guys, her family, and the man who hit her. Love you.