Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gina the class pet

Mrs. Heiman (don't say a word) is Emma's Kindergarten Teacher. She is such a great teacher. She keeps a class pet...Gina the Guinea Pig. Emma was so excited the first time Gina came to school. Gina is even one of our site words that we have learned. After Gina was in the class room for a while she started visiting for the weekend at some of the kids homes. Emma's turn was just a couple of weeks ago.
Shad had to meet me at the school so that we could pick Gina up with all of her gear. Henry was so excited. They couldn't wait to get home and feed her a carrot and hold her. Emma such a good mommy to Gina and every time Henry held her he would pat her so gently and say "It OK...It OK" SO CUTE!!!
Emma even helped me clean out Gina's cage before we took her back to school. The best thing about having Gina for the weekend was that it totally cured out need for a small rodent in the house. Emma was not fond of cleaning the cage or sweeping up the poop and bedding that Gina constantly flung out of her cage...did you know Guinea Pigs can fling poop like a monkey.

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