Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special K--not the cookies but the kid.

I got a GREAT phone call from Emma while I was at market last week. Laura Christoff had picked Emma's name from the apple to be the special K for the next week. Emma likes to talk on the phone but she is never super excited...well this time she was almost bouncing off the walls she was so stoked!!!

Let me splain...The Special K is the "special kid" in class. You get to make a poster board all about you and your parents write 3 things that make you special. We wrote that Emma was creative, Emma is loving, and Emma is helpful. As soon as i got home from market we picked out her pictures and had them printed at Walgreens..then we came home and put her poster together. We put a pics of Kisses, grandma, JoJo, Big Daddy, all our cousins, pictures at the beach, San Antonio, gymnastics, soccer, art camp...everything that Emma loves. Emma and her poster Emma, Ethan Day, Owen Germany
Emma and Samantha

Emma and Eli

Emma and Jasmine

Juronth...this kid cracks me up

Emma and Laura Christoff

Alicia, Emma, Stevie, and Juronth.
These kids were so soon as I got my camera out they all wanted to be in the sorry Mrs. Heiman for disrupting...

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