Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake Trip..much needed

I got home from Vegas on Thursday night and after our soccer game on Saturday (and a brief delay of switching out the fridge...stupid fridge so glad we have a back-up) we left for PK. Our good friends the Murray's have a GREAT house at PK and they invited us for the weekend. We ate a wonderful lunch at Montana's in Graham. ( made me miss the Milford's so much) It was really yummy. Then we headed to the lake. We had a wonderful time. Henry started getting sick and that night things got REALLY BAD!!! He was up ALL NIGHT....I mean ALL NIGHT!!! We left really early the next morning. I was so embarrassed that he had kept the entire house up and really worried about him. The next post will explain more about that.
Emma with her M&M from Vegas. She goes everywhere with us right now.

Alex and Peyton tubing. They are both the thrill seekers. BJ couldn't go fast enough for them. Emma really enjoyed just sitting with her daddy and riding in the boat

Henry loved the ride and didn't mind Learson's vest to much. Only a real man wears pink

The boat ride put Henry right to sleep and he was needing a good nap While the daddy's were out playing in the boat we skipped stones and found shells. Did you know there were shells at the lake...well I didn't. Emma and Peyton have been friends since they were 2.

Taleigha got out the sprinkler and that was a huge hit. I can't reorganize these pictures...and it really stinks...

Shad and the girls on the boat. Alex couldn't wait to get back into the water. She loved every minute of it. Especially when BJ flipped her.

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