Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mr. C and good friends

Happy 80th Birthday Mr. C. We love you.

Mr.C's Birthday party was alot of fun. We were so excited to get to see some friends from out of town. Ainsley and Emma are 5 weeks apart. Lauren Ala Graham is Ainsley's mom and one of my good friends. She and I met in the 6th grade at church camp. We were instant friends. We saw each other a couple more times when she came to visit her grandparents. (Mr. and Mrs. C) Then in college we both pledged Chi-O together. Then when Shad and I bought our house we ended up living next door to Mr. and Mrs. C...CRAZY how our lives keep us connected and I am so glad that Emma and Ainsley are friends. I hope the Henry and Cambell (Ainsley's little brother) will have the same connection.

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