Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finally Back into the swing of things

JoJo and I stopped by the M&M store. It was our ONLY stop my girls both asked for a stuffed green girl M&M from Vegas and a picture of me with the REAL M&M..So here you go girls.
Jacob, Me, Mary and Anne
Jacob, Mary and Anne are from Baby's First in Houston. I just love them. Anne is a new friend and I really enjoyed getting to meet her, Mary and Jacob I have known for years. They are great friends and they totally understand our business. It is great to have friends that you have so much in common with. LOVE THEM!!!

To MANY martini's at the Munire party....We had a blast.
Me, April, Noellia, JoJo, and Beth

Here is another opportunity to see the guys hard a work. Every year at the end of the show the guys snag a couple of drinks and cruse around in the golf carts. Just to make sure they didn't miss the next BUMBO...LOL who are we kidding...they are just laughing at everyone and trolling for cute girls. That is until Karla and I jumped on the back and ruined their fun.

Doug and the guys doing there normal thing at our product meeting. At this meeting we discuss all the cool new things that each of us has found so that we all of an opportunity to go back and buy each other's great finds. As you can see the BOYS ARE NO HELP!!! and yes that is Gene's booty...he was taking care of the twins

I am finally home and back into a normal routine. The Vegas Market was so great!!! We has a ball and found tons of new products. I will update my mommyblog with tons of photo's and updates later this week so keep an eye out. We really enjoyed being with our friends from the industry. I must say I was super tired and ready to get home.

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