Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 4....

Today we still had the Jeep until 2:00pm so we drove over to chakannab the national park. You pay a small fee to get in and we even got a free T-Shirt. At the park there is 2 restaurants, ruins, botanical gardens, fountains, a lagoon, and GREAT snorkeling and diving. We found a shady spot and jumped in to find fishies. There was a man swimming around with fish food and a camera taking pictures underwater. The fish were all over us. I even got nipped on the leg...Scared me to death.
We had to have the jeep back by 2:00pm so when we went back we ate lunch at the hotel in the main restaurant. Fajitas. Then went swimming and hung around. Another GREAT day.


LEEZZARDS. Shad likes to chase them.

This is the view from our pool.

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