Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 5....

Day 5 was jam packed. We got up and went kayaking. I loved it. Looking for fish, the water was warm, there was a great breeze. Next Scheri and I went para sailing. I know you are so shocked. So was I. I loved it. We got really really high and I was only scared when the wind would really catch us. We even saw a HUGE Barracuda. After we got back we had lunch and went snorkeling at the hotel. The snorkeling at our hotel was so amazing. We saw a star fish and Shad got in trouble for picking it up out of the water. We saw tons of fish,a jellyfish, a barracuda and Shad saw a sting ray.
That night we went back to town to Shop and eat at the Mission. A place that Ryan took us when were were in Cozumel for Randy and Erin's Wedding. After dinner we walked back down to Carlos and Charlies and then to Margaritaville. That is a new place. Only 1 year old. So pretty. Not much of a party at 9:00pm and we were pooped. We actually went back to the hotel and played cards till bed.

This is our little friend that lived next to our door. Can you see him? Look for red eyes

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