Friday, May 31, 2013

Henry's End of the year PARTY!!!

Mrs Childs we can't thank you enough for such a great year.  Henry knows so much...I am amazed at what he can do.  She had such a challenge with 11 boys and 5 girls in her class...WOW...but Mrs. Childs did amazing.  This was the best class of 4k'ers ever. 
For the end of the year party I got to drive Henry and Jackson Pain.  They were so funny.  Jackson wanted to know if I had the song Live'n on a Prayer.  Of course I did and we sang it out.  When we got there we had a few minutes to kill so IVey jumped in the car with us and we did the Wobble. 


As soon as we went in the door it was GAME ON!!!  These kiddo's can get their play on.  

I just love these faces!!!

Skee ball is serious business!!!
Then at the end of the party we sang Happy Birthday to all the kiddo's with a summer Birthday.  Henry was so excited.  He had been worried he would never get a turn. 
He is ready for Kindergarten...I'm not but he is.  We will decide at the end of next year if he is going to repeat Kindergarten or if he is going to go on to 1st grade.  I desperately want one more year with him but he did so well this year that we will just have to wait and see.  

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