Friday, May 31, 2013

Emma's End of the year Award Ceremony

Emma had the most wonderful year.  She learned so much.  She completed the Take Flight program before Christmas break.  She got straight A's every 9 weeks, and she was got advanced achievement on both section of her STAAR test.  We could not have been more proud of her.  She also got the Presidential Achievement Award.  That award is given to students based on grades, test performance, and teacher recommendation.  WOW!!!!

Kate Wurster, Emma, and Libby Featherston.  Such Sweet wonderful friends.  
Mr. Bell is the best principal in the world.  He knows every child in the school by name.  He Genuinely cares about each and every one of them.  He always makes Emma feel so special.  We LOVE him!

Ms. Webb was a huge part of Emma's Success this year.  She gave Emma the perfect balance of love and challenges.  At the end of the year Ms. Webb pulled me aside and told me how special Emma truly is.  That she is "brilliant"  Of course her daddy and I already knew that but it sure is nice to hear it from an authority. 
4th Grade HERE WE COME!!!

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