Saturday, October 20, 2012

Party it up...Halloween style

The Welch's Annual Halloween Party has to be one of my favorites!!!
This year we had the party before Halloween because Halloween fell on a Wednesday night and we new everyone would be going to church and we wouldn't have time to play. 
Haley and Emma
Mad Hatter and Spider Girl

Henry and Savin
Optimus Prime and Spider Man

I mean Optimus Prime and Bumble BEE!!!

Sweet Tinker Bell-Riley Bug

The big girls-Claire, Lauren, Gracie, TJ, and Paige

The Mama Kitty of the party!!! Your rock Lolly!!!

Oh and my sweet friends who live in Cairo!!!  We were so happy to have them hear with us for a few months.  Jack LOVED Halloween!!!

Rachelle getting ready for our carnival (we had to have something special since we weren't getting to go trick or treating in the trailer this year)

Have I mentioned that Duck Dynasty is our FAVORITE show....I think Shad pulled of Willie way better than I did Korie!!

Oh and Uncle Sy was there too!!!

Drew and Teri...Love these friends!

Here's this years crew. 

After some good eats and picture taking it was time to BREAK the pinata

Waiting patiently to get some candy!!!
We also had a great carnival with music and games but I had so much fun I forgot to take any pictures!!!!

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