Sunday, October 28, 2012

Iron Man Texas #3

I know that I might have mentioned this once or twice before...but my husband is a ROCK STAR!!!  He just completed his 3rd 1/2 Iron Man. 
That is a 1.2 mile swim
56 mile bike
and a 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles)
(Shad getting his Game Face on)
This year was especailly fun because we got to go with the Carnes Family.  Henry and Saving and Haley and Emma are all BIG buddies.  And it was fun to cheer for a friend too at his 1st 1/2 Iron Man!!!

Drew is ready to get going....he was very Pumped!!!

Savin and Henry decided to ease the tension by attacking ALEX!!!  She is such a good sport!!!

I have to tell you the hardest part of a triathalon is waiting for Shad to come out of the water.  It seems to take hours and hours...I am a nervous wreck when he is in the water.  I know when he is on the bike or run we can scrape him up off the road but the swim...that is totally different.  Shad is so good to always look for me so I know he is safe and we can move on.  

WOWSER!!!!  Check him out!!!!  Strong and ready to get on the bike.  

The racers have to carry their bike to a certain point before they can get on and start riding...The kids and I always think it is funny when the racers are getting fussed at for getting on their bikes too soon!!!  Daddy had a GREAT bike ride...2 to RUN!!!!
The Austin Iron Man is great...we got to see daddy 5 times on his run before we headed up to the finish was getting HOT and he was getting tired...but still hanging strong.  
We did have some time to we got a little SILLY!!!  Thank Alex for all the comic releaf!!! 

Waiting on their daddies and cheering for all the funny costumes!!! 
It was close to Halloween so lots of fun costumes...I have never seen that before in a see it all the time in marathons...but not here.  TO FUNNY!!!  Especailly the gnome speedo!!!  BHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here he comes!!!  He finished strong and no trip to the med tent.  I couldn't be prouder.  Way to go BABY!!!!

Poor Henry didn't make it to the finish!!! 
But he sure was proud of his daddy when he woke up!!!

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