Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet My Teacher Night

I just can't believe it.  I know I say that every year but seriously....time is just going to fast.  I make a conscious effort to enjoy each and every day and to not let time slip away.  

Tonight Emma met her 3rd Grade teacher...who just happens to be a good family friend.  Emma was so excited to see that she got Ms. Webb.  She was equaly excited to find out that her friends: Libby Featherston, Kate Wuster, Laura Christoff, and Olivia Davenport are all in her class....Good Luck Ms. Webb.  

After meeting Emma's teacher and saying a few hellos to friends and past teachers we headed over to meet Henry's teacher.  MRS. CHILDS.  I think I am just as excited as Henry.  Kim taught Emma and it was so wonderful. I just couldn't imagine not having her for Henry too.  And guess who is in our class.  Boy does Kim have her year cut out for herself with these too!!!  Not to mention the other 8 boys in the class and only 5 girls.  I just know this is going to be a wonderful year for us all.  

Oh ya...that is how we ROLL!!!!

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