Sunday, May 13, 2012

Strikers Rock'd

I can't believe that Henry is old enough to play soccer.  He is grown up so fast!  
We were so lucky to have Randy be our coach.  He did a GREAT job with the boys!!!

Parker Deal was a great little play...little but mighty!!

Henry runs just like Emma...a little skip in his step!!!

This is how alot of our games looked...most of the players in a big pile!!!

Or everyone pushing each other for the matter what team they were on!!!

But sometimes we were distracted by the pretty flowers or butterflies.

Check out that determination on Henry's face.

Henry, Reed, and Parker

But this is our boys FAVORITE Part!!!
The "Victory" Tunnel


Henry's BESTEST Friend IVey!!!


and Henry
This is his VERY favorite part!!!

After a great season we had a party for the boys at Chuck E Cheese.  They made sure to tell coach Randy thank you for all his time.  

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