Saturday, May 12, 2012

Garage Sale, Good Friends, and Cajun Fest

After a ton of work it was finally time for GARAGE SALE weekend.  
Then we had a special surprise arrive!

I wish I could have video'd Emma running for Kyle!  It was like he had just come back from war.  She was so excited to see him!!!

David sold this great riding mower...but not before we had a few rides!!!

Here are our great helpers!!!  

But as soon as the garage sale was over we headed to Cajun Fest!!!  
Emma was great at selling beads.

But she wasn't interested in eating any Jambolia!!!  Henry was to busy with his potato gun to even care.  

Alex, Doug, Emma, and Emma's friend from home.  

I was so happy to be with my sweet friend Lisa again.  I just love her to death.
We miss the Knight every day and we are so happy when they come to visit. 

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